Kjeringi Open

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Kjeringi Open is a “mountain and fjord cross” with a total of four stages. Telemark/randonee, cross country, running and mountain biking. Our signature is «from mountain to the fjords, because you start on Mount Kjeringi and finish down at the fjord.

Kjeringi Open have always been an event for everybody, and our goal is that everyone can participate.

The rules are that you can take all four stages yourself and become a “superkjering”, or you can start a relay team and split all four stages. One per stage.

The stages are:

Stage 1.
From Kjeringi (1414moh) to Damefall (515 moh) – ca 8.km. Mass start and downhill telemark/randonee-skiing, before you change/exchange to cross country skiing.

Stage 2.
From Damefall (515 moh) to Kleppa (413) moh) Ca. 4km. Cross country skiing, classic before you change/exchange to running shoes

Stage 3.
From Kleppa (413 moh) to the school (100 moh). Ca 4km. Running downhill before you change/exchange to mountain bike

Stage 4.
From the school (100 moh) to “Hanahaug” (4 moh). Ca 8km. Mountain biking on road and fruit gards before you reach the finish line at the fjord.

Since the start in 1993 Kjeringi Open has grown and now we have around 500 participants every year. The event is also big for Leikanger and many people gathers in the finish area to celebrate Kjeringi Open

In the evening, we celebrate with dinner, music and speeches at Sognefjord hotel. This is a fitting end to a lovely day of mountain-fjord-festival.

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Contact information

Roar Werner (Director)
+ 47 481 68 289

Bård Henjum (Project manager)
+47 902 14 619